Partner description: 

CREATE-NET is an independent multi-disciplinary research centre, founded in Trento (Italy)  by several well established universities and research organizations in Europe in April 2003. It has  formed a network of over 300 research partners throughout Europe, including top  research institutions and companies.

The centre has significant collaborations with leading  institutions in the US (MIT and Georgia Tech), China (Tsinghua and BUPT), South Africa  (SAP/Meraka) and Israel (Technion). CREATE-NET’s objective is to sponsor the highest  quality research and innovation, and help convert talent and human capital into patents  and start-ups for promoting European high-tech competitiveness, with the aim of building  a global platform of scientific collaboration and experimentation in communications-driven  technologies and applications. CREATE-NET has a long and recognized record as a leading  research centre in Future Internet technologies, their scientific foundations and their application  for innovation. Research lines pursued at CREATE-NET in the recent years resulted in both  baseline theoretical research and applied research.