Title Type Year
Supporting the development of network-aware reactive applications on smartphones International Conferences 2014
Geolocation of Internet hosts using smartphones and crowdsourcing International Conferences 2015
Lessons learned from the design, implementation, and management of a smartphone-based crowdsourcing system International Conferences 2013
Network Sensing through Smartphone-based Crowdsourcing International Conferences 2013
Sensing the Internet through crowdsourcing International Conferences 2013
Beat-Your-Rival Routing Game International Conferences 2015
Localized Epidemic Detection in Networks with Overwhelming Noise International Conferences 2015
Formation Games of Reliable Networks International Conferences 2015
Real-time BGP Monitoring with Isolario and BGPlay in Ripe Labs International Conferences 2015
Measuring the Internet Topology with Smartphones International Conferences 2015
New lower bounds for the fundamental weight of the principal eigenvector in complex networks International Conferences 2014
Accuracy criterion for the mean-field approximation in SIS epidemics on networks International Conferences 2015
Stochastic Coalitional Better-response Dynamics and Strong Nash Equilibrium International Conferences 2015
Network Formation Games with Teams International Conferences 2014
Semi-supervised Learning with Regularized Laplacian International Conferences 2015
Normalized Nash Equilibrium for Power Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks International Conferences 2015
Social Networks: A Cradle of Globalized Culture in the Mediterranean Region International Conferences 2015
Evolutionary Games for Multiple Access Control: From Egoism to Altruism International Conferences 2014
Cooperation in Groups : An Evolutionary Games Approach International Conferences 2014
Predicting Popularity Dynamics of Online Contents Using Data Filtering Methods International Conferences 2015
Core stable algorithms for coalition games with complementarities and peer effects International Conferences 2015
About Joint Stable User Association and Resource Allocation in Multi-Rate International Conferences 2015
Controlled Matching Game for User Association and Resource Allocation in Multi-Rate WLANs International Conferences 2015
On the Design of a Reward-Based Incentive Mechanism for Delay Tolerant Networks International Conferences 2015
A game theoretic model for network virus protection International Conferences 2015
Posting behavior in Social Networks and Content Active Filtering International Conferences 2015
Controlling the Katz-Bonacich Centrality in Social Network: Application to gossip in Online Social Networks International Conferences 2015
State policy couple dynamics in evolutionary games International Conferences 2015
Random time delays in evolutionary game dynamics International Conferences 2015
Delayed evolutionary game dynamics with non- uniform interactions in two communities International Conferences 2014
From epidemics to information propagation: Striking differences in structurally similar adaptive network models International Conferences 2015
Designing virus-resistant networks: a game-formation approach International Conferences 2015
Decentralized Protection Strategies against SIS Epidemics in Networks International Conferences 2015
Rejuvenation and the spread of epidemics in general topologies International Conferences 2014
The Italian Coffee Queue: A dynamic priority discipline for multi-class queues International Conferences 2015
Understanding the diffusion of YouTube videos International Conferences 2014
Activation Games in Online Dating Platforms International Conferences 2015
Optimal Open-Loop Control of Online Advertisement International Conferences 2014
Coordination of epidemic control policies: A game theoretic perspective International Conferences 2014
Modeling Rewards and Incentive Mechanisms for Delay Tolerant Networks International Conferences 2014
Worst-Case Coalitions in Routing Games International Conferences 2013
Pricing Agreement between Service and Content Providers: A Net Neutrality Issue International Conferences 2013
Game theory approach for modeling competition over visibility on social networks International Conferences 2014
Regulation of off-network pricing in a nonneutral network International Conferences 2014
Differential games of competition in online content diffusion International Conferences 2014
Well-argued recommendation: adaptive models based on words in recommender systems International Conferences 2013
Network Non-Neutrality through Preferential Signaling International Conferences 2013
Bio-inspired paradigms in Network Engineering Games International Conferences 2014
Game theoretic approaches for studying competition over popularity and over advertisement space in social networks International Conferences 2012
A stochastic game approach for competition over popularity in social networks International Conferences 2013
A Markov Decision Evolutionary Game for the study of a Dynamic Hawk and Dove Game International Conferences 2013
Complete game-theoretic characterization of SIS epidemics protection strategies International Conferences 2014
A Time and Space Routing Game Model applied to Visibility Competition on Online Social Networks International Conferences 2014
The dynamics of mergers and acquisitions: ancestry as the seminal determinant International Conferences
Revisiting Evolutionary Game Theory International Conferences
A Game Theoretical study of Peering vs Transit in the Internet International Conferences 2014
A Structure-Based Topology Generator for the Internet’s Core International Conferences 2013
Network Formation Games with Heterogeneous Players and the Internet Structure International Conferences 2014
YouStatAnalyzer: a tool for analysing the dynamics of YouTube content popularity International Conferences 2013
Graph clustering based on mixing time of random walks International Conferences 2014
Distributed storage in the plane International Conferences 2014
Dynamic rate allocation in Markovian quasi-static multiple access channels: A game theoretic approach International Conferences 2013
Alpha current flow betweenness centrality International Conferences 2013
Pay few, influence most: Online myopic network covering International Conferences 2014
Information dissemination processes in directed social networks International Conferences 2014
"Programming" Social Collective Intelligence International Conferences 2014
Group Evolutionary Stable Strategy International Conferences 2014
Interplay of contact times, fragmentation and coding in DTNs International Conferences 2013
Coordination minority games in delay tolerant networks International Conferences 2013
Incentive mechanisms based on Minority Games in heterogeneous Delay Tolerant Networks International Conferences 2013
Evolutionary stable strategies in interacting communities International Conferences 2013
Bio-Inspired Models for Characterizing YouTube Viewco International Conferences 2014
Agent-Based Model for Internet Hub Formation International Conferences 2014
A Study on Traceroute Potentiality in Revealing the Internet AS-level Topology International Conferences 2014
When Traceroute Met BGP... How to Reveal Hidden Internet AS-level Connectivity with Portolan and Isolario International Conferences
Peering vs Transit: a Game Theoretical model for Autonomous Systems connectivity International Conferences 2014
On the Achievable Rate in a D2D Cognitive Secondary Network Under Jamming Attacks International Conferences 2014
Cooperative Online Native Advertisement: a Game Theoretical Scheme Leveraging on Popularity Dynamics International Conferences 2014
Not Always Sparse: Flooding Time in Partially Connected Mobile Ad Hoc Networks International Conferences 2014
A semi-dynamic model for competition over popularity and over advertisement space in social networks International Conferences 2012
A Study of YouTube recommendation graph based on measurements and stochastic tools International Conferences 2013
Emergence of Equilibria from Individual Strategies in Online Content Diffusion International Conferences 2013
Smartphone-based crowdsourcing for network monitoring: Opportunities, challenges, and a case study International Journal 2014
Precise Calculation of a Bond Percolation Transition and Survival Rates of Nodes in a Complex Network International Journal 2015
Epidemics in Interconnected Small-World Networks International Journal 2015
Nonconsensus opinion model on directed networks International Journal 2014
Correlation between centrality metrics and their application to the opinion model International Journal 2015
Personalized Page with Node-dependent Restart International Journal 2014
The Correlation of Metrics in Complex Networks with Applications in Functional Brain Networks International Journal 2011
Epidemic Outbreaks in Networks with Equitable or Almost-equitable Partitions International Journal 2015
Stationary Anonymous Sequential Games with Undiscounted Rewards International Journal 2014
S-BITE: A Structure-Based Internet Topology gEnerator International Journal 2014
Forecasting transitions in systems with high dimensional stochastic complex dynamics: A Linear Stability Analysis of the Tangled Nature Model International Journal
Domination-time dynamics in susceptible-infected-susceptible virus competition on networks International Journal 2014
Algebraic Connectivity of Interdependent Networks International Journal 2014
Effect of the Interconnected Network Structure on the Epidemic Threshold International Journal 2013
Epidemic threshold in directed networks International Journal 2013
Epidemic threshold and topological structure of susceptible-infectious-susceptible epidemics in adaptive networks International Journal 2013
A comparative analysis of spatial Prisoner's Dilemma experiments: Conditional cooperation and payoff irrelevance International Journal 2014
Quick detection of nodes with large degrees International Journal 2014
Evolutionary forwarding games in delay tolerant networks: Equilibria, mechanism design and stochastic approximation International Journal
A Novel Methodology to Address the Internet AS-level Data Incompleteness International Journal
Improving the Reliability of Inter-AS Economic Inferences Through a Hygiene Phase on BGP Data International Journal 2014
Discovering the geographic properties of the Internet AS-level topology International Journal 2013
Epidemic outbreaks in two-scales community networks International Journal
Confidence Intervals for the Shapley–Shubik Power Index in Markovian Games International Journal 2013
Evolutionary games International Journal 2013
Paradoxes in Semi-Dynamic Evolutionary Power Control Game: When Intuition Fools You! International Journal 2013
Parallel k-Clique Community Detection on Large-Scale Networks International Journal 2013
The robustness of interdependent clustered networks International Journal
Non-consensus Opinion Models on Complex Networks International Journal 2012
Entangled Economy: an ecosystems approach to modeling systemic level dynamics International Journal 2012
Distributed k-core decomposition International Journal 2012
Beta Current Flow Centrality for Weighted Networks Book Chapter 2015